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What is Renaissance?

It’s what we do to recognize, and reward our students, staffulty and community for excellence in attendance, attitude and academics.   It’s a system, a belief, a philosophy.  It’s just what we do!  The formal definition is “founded by educators in 1988, Jostens Renaissance the first and only national education focused program created to recognize and reward the academic achievements of students from elementary school through college.  Its primary goals are to increase student performance and teacher enthusiasm and raise the level of community participation in schools.”  In other words, our primary goals are to increase student attendance, improve overall academic performance and improve character.

Why am I in Renaissance?

This class is evaluated by student, administration and staff each year, and therefore, it is possible for us to be under much scrutiny.  The reason why our class exists is because of students like you.  You make the difference.  This year, you have the power to make Renaissance bigger and better.  However, you also have the power to let it fall by neglecting it.  Fortunately for Renaissance, you best of the best.  Whether it is because you are inspirational, influential, creative or committed, you will help Renaissance soar this year.  It is obvious we believe in you, but it is imperative that you believe in us.  Together, we can make Renaissance and Bear River a better place to learn.  Students in this class must lead Bear River in the campaign to do better in academics and in character.  You are the ones who go to classes and tell your peers that they can do better academically and be recognized for it.  You will also provide plans of motivation and rewards to keep the focus on academics and improvement, no matter what level kids are on, at risk or honor roll.  If it wasn’t for you, who would encourage others to do better in academics?  Who would recognize outstanding or improving teachers and students that make a difference in our lives.  Most importantly, what would happen if people weren’t recognized for their hard work, dedication or commitment?  Clearly Bear River needs recognition so that we may all be proud to be here!