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Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules


Classroom Expectations and Consequences

Philosophy Statement:  At the middle school level it is time for students to take responsibility for their own learning.  Discipline is essential in order for learning to occur.  I will make every effort to see to it that my classes implement the school mission of SAFE(Successful Achievement for Everyone).



1. Students need to be seated in their assigned seats with all required materials, including assignments, planner and sharp pencils, when the second bell sounds.  They should remain in their seats unless permission is granted to do otherwise.  This includes sharpening pencils and throwing away trash.

2. Students need to raise their hands for permission to speak during direct class instruction.


3. Students must listen attentively and participate actively during lessons.

4. Students need to listen and follow directions the first time they are given.

5. Students must appropriately use school, classroom, and personal materials.

6. Students must show respect and kindness to others, both adults and peers.


7. Students may not use the restrooms during class time, unless it is an emergency.


8. Students must use their planners daily to write down all assignments, as the teacher directs. Students are issued 1 free planner on the first day of school.  If it is lost, the student must buy another planner at the office.



1.      When the student chooses to disregard the above rules, he will receive a BLUE warning card.

2.      If the student has received a blue warning card, and his misbehavior continues, the student will receive a YELLOW warning card.  This card represents the absolute last warning.  At the issuance of the yellow card, the student has a choice: to correct his behavior for the rest of the class time, or to continue misbehaving. He may go outside to think about the possible consequences he will face if the misbehavior continues.  This choice is given in hopes that the student will make the preferred decision and allows for some "cooling off time".

3.      If the student continues to misbehave after getting a yellow card, he will receive a RED CARD.  The red card means the student WILL receive a referral at the end of the period.  If the misbehavior still continues after the red card, he will be sent to the office, and a discipline plan will be put in place. Upon issuance of a referral, a call will be made to the student's home.

Substitute Teacher Rules:  The above rules also apply when there is a substitute teacher in the classroom.  I expect all students to show respect and excellent behavior toward a substitute teacher.  A substitute teacher has a difficult job coming into a classroom and teaching an unfamiliar lesson.  They do not deserve having to deal with inappropriate behavior.  Please be on your best behavior when there is a substitute teacher in the room.


**Please note that there will also be frequent rewards for exemplary behavior J